My hearty blessing to Vinisha & she will become one of the top artists in future

Mr.Bala Muralikrishna

Clarity, devotion, Bhavam is what I saw in Vinisha’s graceful performance, She is the apt disciple for her guru

Mrs.Vaijayanthimala Bali

I hava watched a good dance after a long time: Vinisha danced excellently well such and amazing abhinayam & Bhavam, my appreciations to her.

Mr.Y.G Mahendran

Vinisha resembled her guru and she was equally good, I could’nt believe that at this young age she performed such an elaborate concept so expressively. She has a wonderful future


Vinisha, danced like a professional who resembled Amman Kanyakumari, She is truly a child prodigy


Vinisha looked very beautiful, while dancing, She is so much involved and dedicated so well. She will become one of the best dancers in the world. My hearty wishes to her.

Mr.Y.G Mahendran

Vinisha is a god blessed child, She danced like a professional,and it was a spell bound performance.


Vinisha’s performance extraordinary; She hes a long, long way to go


Vinisha’s is a committed performer, She danced very well beyond expectations.


Vinisha is dedicated and dances with an involvement & passion: She has a very bright future and will go places.